4 Tips When Collecting Older Cars

Many drivers dream about collecting old cars but don’t have the budget to be able to do so. However, there are a number of ways individuals can save money when starting a classic car collection. Here are 4 tips when collecting older cars.

1. Finding cheaper alternatives

The most expensive classic cars can set an individual back tens of thousands of pounds. However, there are a number of cheaper alternatives, including less sought-after vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s. These cars might not be as glamourous as their big-name rivals, but have a unique charm of their own and can still add value to any classic car collection.

2. Car auctions

Car auctions are a great place to source classic cars for cheap, although highly desired vehicles will often attract lots of interest. When purchasing a car from an auction, a driver should always inspect the vehicle properly before they place a bid. This can either be done by examining the car up-close or by looking at photos on the auction house’s website. Care should be taken when searching for any scratches, bumps, marks, or signs of damage – especially if extensive repair work is needed.

3. Auction websites

Like car auctions, auction websites will enable drivers to find classic cars on a budget. These websites will often include car listings from people around the world, providing much more choice. However, a driver should exercise caution before placing a bid and review the seller’s history before parting with their cash. If an individual needs to adhere to a strict budget, they will be able to filter listings by price.

4. Looking in local newspapers

Classic cars don’t always end up at auction; many makes and models are advertised in local newspapers and industry magazines. A driver should always examine the vehicle before committing to a purchase and ask the seller more about the car’s history.